LKN Chamber: Cancel the Toll Contract

The Lake Norman Chamber of Commerce today released a resolution requesting “the planned 50 year toll contract for I-77 between NCDOT and I-77 Mobility Partners be terminated by NCDOT and the widening of I-77 with general purpose lanes begin as soon as reasonably possible.”

A couple of weeks ago the CoC sent out a survey to its approximately 1,000 members. Consistent with other local polls, 94% of respondents were against the toll lane project.  About 20% of the membership responded.

Widen I-77 thanks the Chamber for their stance on this critical economic issue.

The I-77 private toll lane project will damage our local economy by siphoning millions of dollars of discretionary income out of our local economy and sending it to a foreign company. The toll lanes bypass major commercial exits (23, 25, 28, 30) and preclude access to area hospitals.   The contract’s non-compete clause effectively eliminates improving I-77 with anything but more toll lanes for the next 50 years.

You can download a copy of the resolution here:


Signed Toll ResolutionLKN Chamber of Commerce

6 Responses to LKN Chamber: Cancel the Toll Contract

  1. Diane E. Gilroy says:

    This is fantastic news. I am super proud of the Chamber for making the right decision and by standing by the business community and citizens of Lake Norman.

    • Steve Guissari says:

      Thank you listening to the citizens who have researched this toll road project and the extreme waste of money, bribes, business with a corrupt Spanish Corporation MORE THAN OUR elected officials both locally and in Raleigh. Thank you for making a wise move for our congestion and not greed. Thanks for looking out for my young Daughters future with roadways if ( we ) they still live in Huntersville.
      Please continue to stand up to our State leaders and their Back handed bribes from Cinta’s.

  2. Judy Cole says:

    Thank you LNCC for listening to the citizens and business owners. Thank you for issuing a strong statement against the toll lane. Thank you for helping to stop a 50 year deal that will stagnate the area.

  3. Loving LKN says:

    Does it really matter? Isn’t the contract signed and isn’t NC obligated at this point to follow through with the contract they have signed and extended on 2 occasions??

    I am in total disagreement with the I-77 Mobility Partners and wonder why it has takes SO LONG for all the towns and the Chamber to fight this???

    This isn’t adding up.

    • pattie marshall says:

      the contract states the NCDOT and or The Governor has the right to terminate the contract at any time. The cost to do this is undetermined. A threat has been made by the DOT to all of us it could cost “Up To” $100m. It will not cost that much. Borrowed money needs to be returned. Costs already associated would need to be paid.

  4. Sharon says:

    My congratulations to the Lake Norman Chamber for taking a stand on this important issue. On to Raleigh!

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