Mooresville Supports I-77 Tolls

UPDATE: David Coble, not Bobby Compton, put forth the motion we described below. We had the right email but wrong name.  Compton has been an anti-toll supporter.  Widen I-77 regrets the error.


We saw again tonight CRTPO is hopeless. Mooresville, however, has no excuse.

The northern most community affected by the toll project, Mooresville residents stand to pay the highest tolls or sit in traffic the longest.  Yet the community is almost completely apathetic.  While dozens show up at Cornelius town halls, and Huntersville swept pro-toll candidates out of office, not a single person showed up at last night’s town board meeting.

Maybe they should have.

You’ve no doubt heard of Governor McCrory’s letter conflating  the single I-77 project to include approving the entire “managed lanes strategy.”  He wanted CRTPO to vote to approve the entire strategy, thereby giving tacit approval to the I-77 project.

Mooresville went even further.  Last night they voted not a single project, not a managed lane strategy, but to approve the entire strategic plan for the entire region.  The vote was neither requested nor necessary.  The rationalization in voting for it was the same old fear-mongering: vote “no” on this and you jeopardize “$172 MILLION in desperately needed road improvements in and around Mooresville, including the widening of Hwy 150.”

What garbage.

The motion was requested and seconded by Commissioners Lisa Quall and David Coble.

Mooresville needs to join with the rest of Lake Norman.  We need to be united.  These two Commissioners need to hear that message. Won’t you email them today?

SUBJECT: Your Pro-Toll Gamesmanship

I am contacting you to express my dissatisfaction with your pro-toll vote last night (January 19th).  You unnecessarily conflated the issue to contrive an outcome, and have taken a position at odds with the overwhelming majority of Lake Norman residents. At a time when the region needed to come together, you chose to sow division.  At a time when Mooresville residents needed your leadership, you resorted to political gamesmanship.

Your actions will not soon be forgotten.





24 Responses to Mooresville Supports I-77 Tolls

  1. Gregory L Taylor says:

    I am contacting you to express my dissatisfaction with your pro-toll vote last night (January 19th). You unnecessarily conflated the issue to contrive an outcome, and have taken a position at odds with the overwhelming majority of Lake Norman residents. At a time when the region needed to come together, you chose to sew division. At a time when Mooresville residents needed your leadership, you resorted to political gamesmanship.

    Your actions will not soon be forgotten.
    Greg taylor

  2. John Q Mooresville says:

    This betrayal falls at the feet of Mayor Miles Atkins. Be broke the tie which was 3-3. He paid lip service to this organization and he should be held accountable…

  3. Robin Howard says:

    Very displeased with . If you had to drive to charlotte to work how would u like to pay tolls to use a interstate that your taxes built to start with, and this interstate has been inadequate since the 70’s What goes around comes around , we will not forget come election day.Your jobs are to protect your constituents and work in their best interest

  4. Connie Evans says:

    Pasted on FB earlier today….
    With all the uproar now from Mooresville residents I have to ask everyone….
    Did you attend & speak out at any city council meeting? Write an e-mail or
    letter to the board or local/state elected officials? Attend any other city meetings to learn the objections? Write an editorial or letter to the editor? Go to Raleigh? Donate? Sign a petition? Attend a fundraiser or rally? Discuss with family/friends? Make any attempt to learn the issues? Call/write Gov. McCrory? Or just complain? There have been so many knowledgeable and outspoken people on your behalf, BUT it’s not too late to do something. Contact Governor Pat McCrory and let him know we are united in our opposition and he can still cancel the contract, IF he is a leader who cares about the people in LKN.

    post on FB or twitter

    “Leadership is taking responsibility while others are making excuses.” John Maxwell

    On final point…”If you do not take an interest in the affairs of your government then you are doomed to live under the rule of fools.” Plato

  5. Jeffrey Lyons says:

    No tolls! Or you will be voted out!!!

  6. Kathy and Dan Butterfield says:

    This truly is a slap in the face to your citizens who MUST commute to/from Charlotte for employment, airport, extensive healthcare, etc. Our question is simple: What possible benefit does this project add to businesses who depend on trucking deliveries? What possible benefit does this provide to people who make 50-75K and need to pay daycare AND now 5K per year in tolls?

    And NASCAR..Race City? Reprehensible behavior Mr. Mayor. Who got to you?

  7. Jim Matthews says:

    No Tolls people. Our politicians are selling us out. The gas tax is suppose to cover repairs and construction of our roads and highways. This tax has been hijacked by every single state agency and funds diverted till there is this short fall that that our politicians say the only way to get this done is thru tolls. I am sorry, but i will never stand up for a toll road in North Carolina.

  8. JMH says:

    NO to tolls! I’m from Mooresville, why would I want to pay a toll?!!

  9. Phil Lehigh says:

    I don’t live in Mooresville, but that is my primary area for shopping, since it’s so miserable to get to Charlotte. BUT, I assume from your vote, you do not want me to come to Mooresville either. OK. Got the message and I can accommodate your request. I have chosen to support those who support the people of LKN, or at least do not actively harm us.

  10. Mark Howlett says:

    I cannot believe Mooresville supports the P3 Lexus lanes. There are only three reasons to do so. 1. You haven’t done your due diligence in researching this project (ignorance) which is a disgrace as a community leader. 2. Someone paid or threatened you. 3. You are a complete idiot. I don’t believe you’re number 3. So which is it? My days of supporting your local business’ are over. You community will pay a heavy price for your actions.

  11. Dirk O'Donnell says:

    Despite all the work by Widen I-77, the tolls go on. All the emails, phone calls and lawsuits have not provided the outcome we seek. Dramatic, non-cooperative and non-violent protests are needed.

  12. Herb Stark says:

    I want to see a list of those who vote for this disastrous project to make sure if anyone is up for election, he or she will not get my vote. Talk about betrayal and backstabbing!

    Herb Stark

  13. R U Blind says:

    Was that a turnip truck that just went by?
    Not to be confused with Iredell County residents outside town limits who happen to share the same mailing address, this incestuous ‘all about me’ position by Mooresville is no surprise. Similar to Charlotte/suburbs, the town/county also appear to have different priorities. Town of Mooresville, do you not realize that county residents, your neighbors, provide the tax base that makes your town go??? I like the sound of ‘Lake Norman, NC’ whose geography would encompass south Iredell OUTSIDE current town of Mooresville limits. A return to that sleepy little town of yesteryear may just happen.

  14. Joy Copeland says:

    The powers in Mooresville do not want us going South for work, shopping, & healthcare. They want us trapped here it’s better for the “town” which most us don’t even vote in despite our Mooresville addresses.

  15. Bill Merritt says:

    I will NOT be voting for any of the bone heads who voted for toll lanes on I-77. This was a complete betrayal of the public trust, and obviously the issue should have been placed on a ballet to be voted on since it affects so many. I hope it continues to be heavily investigated,find out exactly who were the participants, and hopefully discover who lined their pockets with public money. Shame on all of you for approving this despicable project!

  16. Becky fox says:

    So what can we do now? What other step can be taken to get the government to at least push to get the contract changed?

    Yes- I am asking friends and family to email Mooresville, however, the challenge I don’t live in the town so therefore, I don’t think they are concerned about opinions so much from those from outside the town limits.

    So….the question is collectively, what can we do now?

  17. Bain Black says:

    Let’s see…..a single-bidder contract written with a corrupt foreign firm to give LKN a solution that guarantees congestion and tolls for 50 years.
    What’s not to like?
    I hope citizens as a group wake up and get involved. Most of all, I hope on Election Day you remember who the non-leaders were that said yes to this debacle.
    North Mecklenburg and South Iredell will continue to be treated as second-class citizens until we elect leaders with a backbone.
    Bain Black

  18. Raul Sanchez says:

    Shameful. Miles Atkins was threatened to vote for the tolls or all projects will be cancelled. There is a CRTPO statute to cancel projects but however they did not use it and continue to spread lies!! Wake up NC!! Vote for Robert Brawley!!

  19. Karthi Premakumari says:

    I have been trying to do the math and completely lost. Is it true that it is only going to cost 120M to expand the lanes but the Governor is going to spend an initial 100M plus another 550M for the toll lanes? I couldn’t believe this. And I dont buy it. Is there proof of this?

    Is the toll going to be $2.50 per trip? Even if it is $5, it comes to $150 per month if you use the toll everyday. If this true and if this is going to save me 2 hours of sitting in traffic, I dont mind paying this, and proabably cut down some eating out now that I will have more time to spend at home.

    On the other hand, if the toll could double or more than double then we are screwed. But I am not too sure if I can bash the Spanish company, come on guys, they are investing 1/2 a billion and you dont want them to take the toll money? Does NC have 1/2 billion to invest right now? Even if it is going to cost 350-450M (I dont yet believe it is only going to cost 120M to expand the roads), does NC have that kinda money?

    I dont know much about the Law but cant they involve the Supreme Court by stating these insane numbers if at all they are true?

    Apologize for being ignorant but just my 2c.

  20. to Karthi says:

    Believe it – this project looks like a mushroom cloud exploding from ‘address the local congestion problem’ to ‘make as much money as possible for a private company’.
    ‘Cintra (the crooked bunch from Spain) is not investing 1/2 B of THIER money. It is OUR MONEY – taxpayer funded & backed loans. So guess who pays if the project fails? Bingo – we the taxpayers. Guess who profits if it succeeds (or even if it fails because of the shady deal)? You guessed it – Cintra! Guess who has already ‘profited’ from this dubious and underhanded deal. Could it be Tillis, McCrory, et al who have already advanced their political careers? Could it be the other secret back room deals that we’ve not even heard about yet?
    And the answer to your last last question ‘does NC have 1/2 B to invest now?’ is YES! Too bad they are choosing to invest in traditional funding elsewhere (so much for taking politics out of road funding).
    The power elite think we are too stupid to realize it or just don’t care. Vote them ALL out! Send a message to our next representatives that we will not tolerate being taken advantage of and that we are not as stupid as they think.

  21. Michael McNulty says:

    It’s time to vote them out, let’s get all of the names of the ones that need to go up on the site. Start with the governor..

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