NCDOT Heading to TX to Investigate Latest Cintra Bankruptcy

NCDOT issued the following press release today:

NCDOT Statement on SH 130 Tollway Bankruptcy in Texas

Raleigh – “Late today, we were notified of the bankruptcy filing in Texas. The governor has directed us to immediately review every available option – both legal and financial – to reassess the I-77 Mobility Partner’s business model and current contract. Therefore, I will be going to Austin on Monday to meet with Texas DOT representatives to assess the situation. It is important to note that the current contract protects taxpayers from financial losses,” said NCDOT Secretary Nick Tennyson

While we are encouraged the Governor is investigating the latest private toll lane failure, we are compelled to point out that, contrary to NCDOT’s statement, North Carolina taxpayers are at risk if the project defaults.  We wrote about this extensively here.

We reiterate our request to Governor McCrory to cancel the contract before the taxpayer incurs greater risk for this expensive solution that solves nothing and guarantees 50 years of congestion.

6 Responses to NCDOT Heading to TX to Investigate Latest Cintra Bankruptcy

  1. Patricia Carter says:

    Governor McCrory, please cancel this contract with Cintra. There has to be a better way to address the growth needs for the residents in the Lake Norman area. I want to enjoy retirement there and don’t see how that’s possible with this no win contract.

  2. Don Campbell says:

    As we the citizens of Iredell and Mecklenburg have said all along this deal has stunk from day one . Please stop this now ! There is a better way to build roads.

  3. Big Surprise! says:

    What rational person did not see this coming? As more and more REAL information becomes public (not the manufactured spin from the Raleigh legislative machine) thanks to work of WidenI77 and others, the professional politicians are running faster and faster for cover. I for one am not falling for the last minuted pre election posturing. Most of us know who had the heavy hand in getting us in this mess. Great Pat, now let’s ‘investigate’ options…. Do the right thing and cancel this contract but you’re still not getting my vote – EVER.

  4. Inspector says:

    I have work for TxDOT for several years in the inspection dept. I resign from TxDOT and went to work for a Contractor.
    The company I worked for was a contractor on one of the projects this company built. I would recommend if your state proceeds in doing business with this type of organization is to do the inspection themselves on a daily basis. I have seen some construction on the project that will not meet TxDOT or your states inspection. Please seek other options before deciding to do business with these people.
    These people are after one thing get your money and get out and leave you holding the bag.Their experience in the roadway construction is very limited. Please look for other options cause this company will not deliver in a good sound well constructed project.
    If for some reason your state decide too do business with these people DO NOT BLAME TEXAS.

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