Let’s Gather Together Again

A year ago the citizens of this region joined together and met on the Exit 28 bridge  in an unprecedented show of solidarity. At the time not a single town or county board was on record as being against the toll project. We’ve come a long ways.

In light of that one year anniversary, we’re asking you to help us send a message that we’re still here and we’re not going away.  Our timing could not be better: next week a bill will be introduced in the House to cancel the contract. Will you join us next Friday at the bridge?  Let’s send a message!

When: Friday, April 29th
Time: 5:30pm- until (stop by even if you’re late)
Where: Exit 28 bridge in Cornelius
Why: to tell Raleigh we’re still here!


11 Responses to Let’s Gather Together Again

  1. Ann Marie Lloyd says:

    Will try to be there

  2. Ellen Nudi says:

    No tolls on I-77 !

  3. Robbie Etters says:

    Definitely on my calendar. Should be a good crowd. Nobody will be moving NB on 77 that time of day…lol

  4. Bill Merritt says:

    You know you need to do the right thing and stop the insanity of toll roads. Just look at I-485 going to Concord. The answer is simply do that between Mooresville and Huntersville, for less money, and be done with it! Do what the public sent you there to do. We do NOT want, or need, another toll road!!

  5. Randy Lawrence says:

    Our tax money is being spent to build these roads and now the state wants us to pay for the pleasure of driving on them! This is absolute nonsense it should be illegal because it highly resembles double taxation without representation. A few years ago the same thing was done in Atlanta Georgia under the pretense that it would ease traffic congestion!!! It did nothing more than add to the problem. This is nothing more than an attempt to increase State and/or City income! It should be introduced as the highway robbery Bill this would at least give us a sense of honesty.

  6. Jenene Tanski says:

    No tolls. No more taxes. We are becoming New York. Stop the insanity please.

  7. lucinda m heavlin says:

    APRIL 20
    MR. KNASS,
    To Stop I-77 Toll rd. and cancel the contract between NCDOT and I-77 Mobility Partners LLC and the the forein companies involved, We must have the support of those other N.C. Representatives and Senators and all the N.C. taxpayers who voted them into office.
    PLEASE, try to inform all North Carolina taxpayers this is not just a Charlotte area problem, but it will affect every North Carolina Taxpayer for 50 years.
    All N.C. Taxpayers will pay for this I-77 Toll Road.

    MAY I Suggest a Plan for doing this.
    Obtain a list of current members of N.C. Senators and N.C. State Representatives in are N.C. General Assembly. Have your supporters or members of your group Widen I-77, help you divide up the names and districts and work to get the word out to the N.C. Taxpayer. Urge the taxpayers to call or e-mail those N.C. senators and representatives to support the bill which N.C. Representive, Mr. Jeter will introduce to stop the I-77 toll road FIASCO this Monday.
    They also need to urge the N.C. taxpayers all over the state to call their local television stations and ask their investigative reporters to seek publiciation of the contract and to put on the TV news program website. One crucial part of that contact is revealed on the contract NCDOT website: It confirms -that all the N.C.taxpayers will be responsible for reimbursing the foreign companies and I-77 Mobility Partners LLC and Cintra for the next 50 years. We cannot stress enough the importance of the dangerous impact this contract will have on the economy of the whole state for the next 50 years. This is a problem for all taxpayers from the beach to the mountains.

  8. Sumanth says:

    No tolls please

  9. lucinda H. says:

    One provision states that any N.C. district considering building a Toll Road must give Cintra the opportunity to build the road. That provision is effective for the next 50 years.

    The most devastating provision is one that states if the companies do not receive the expected income from the tolls, the N.C taxpayer will be obligated to make up the difference. Web sites available for you to contact the N.C. senators and representatives to learn more. http://www.ncdot., http://www.charles jeter and http://www.widen 1-77. please put on
    Please call your N.C. Senator and N.C. Representatives and urge them to support Charles Jeter’s bill to terminate the I-77 Toll Road contract. This bill is to be introduced this coming Monday, April 25th.

    Please, like Paul Revere, spread the word. Please ask your friends and neighbors
    to call their N.C. State Representatives and N.C. Senators and urge them to support Charles Jeter’s bill to cancel/terminate this contract
    between NCDOT/Cintra/ I-77 Mobility Partners LLC, I-77 Mobility Partners Holding Co. LLC. We understand some representatives and senators were not told of the provisions of this contract. . We need to get the word out and stop this 50 year contract. Do you want to pay to their heirs. North Carolina will not gain from any profits until 50 years is up.
    Pleaes put on your facebook page and twitter page.

    WEB SITE:Senators: https://www.govtrack.us/ and N.C. Representatives;

    Thank you,
    Concerned Citizens from cousins in SURRY COUNTY AND HENDERSON

  10. lucinda H. says:

    Mr. Knass has pointed out that Cintra, a subsidary of I-77 Mobility Partners LLC will possibly be collecting a fee unlawfully according to the North Carolina constitution, it may be possible to pursue a class action suit by N.C. taxpayers against the I-77 Toll Rd. contract. If their has been deception perpetrated by any of the parties involved, individual and/or corporations, legal action absolutely must be taken to terminate the contract between NCDOT and Cintra, I-77 Mobility Partners LLC.
    If any deception was perpetrated by any indivdual, association and/or corporations in prior negoiations and final contract between NCDOT Cintra and Mobility Partners LLC will make it possible for our state to terminate the contract without any money being owed for termination of the contract. In fact, individuals or businesses who have been harmed by the work allready done on the Toll Rd, could sue for damages. From CS

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