House Cancellation Bill Passes Committees; Floor Vote Next

Today marked the first legislative steps toward cancelling the toll contract. This morning the House Transportation Committee voted to “report favorable” on HB954, the toll cancellation bill. It was then sent to the Appropriations Committee and this afternoon they voted to send the bill to the House floor for a vote. So the bill stands on the precipice of passing the House!

It’s almost impossible to understate the importance of the various grassroots efforts to this success. In both committees, Transportation Secretary Nick Tennyson and NCDOT Chariman Ned Curran embarked on a Parade of Horribles about what would happen it the bill passes. These are the two biggest hammers the pro-toll forces could use, and they seemed unfettered by the truth. Curran threw out an unsubstantiated number of half a billion dollars that would be “taken from the people.” Tennyson said there were only “alleged” flaws in the contract, ignoring the fact that it has been amended five times in Cintra’s favor.

Arrayed against this were our Representatives Charles Jeter and John Bradford, who both argued passionately (and respectfully) against them. Armed with that… and your emails, tweets and phone calls, the bill passed on a voice vote.

Now it moves to the House floor, where it will have a second reading, then a vote. If it passes there, it will have a third reading and third vote. This may seem like an arduous procedure, but it is the way all legislation is enacted in North Carolina.

From there it would move to the Senate.

But first things first…. please email the House and ask them to pass HB954. Include the bill in your subject header.  Lets do this! 

Your email can be one sentence long.

29 Responses to House Cancellation Bill Passes Committees; Floor Vote Next

  1. Justin says:

    Please cancel the tolls. Let the public vote no one wants it. Its not good for Charlotte.

  2. Bonnie Anthony says:

    Stop the tolls. We should never agree to a contract that would impact us for 50 years.

  3. Diane Hall says:

    Please cancel the tolls. We want our money to stay in NC and not pay for something that doesn’t benefit us! Please cancel the tolls. It’s one of the worst mistakes NC will make!

  4. Maggie says:

    Please pass the bill

  5. JoAnn says:

    Absolutely no tolls!!! This wold be such a waste of money. Widen 77 instead. Let the people vote.

  6. James York says:

    Please cancel the I77 Toll Road Project. As seen in other cities, the long term effects will be disastrous.

    Thank you,

    Jim York
    Huntersville, NC

  7. Dick Brolin says:

    To leave a major economic center in NC out of the new rating system because DOT managed to convince us that there was no other way, then exclude it from the subsequent allocation of bond funds by the new rating system, was less than diligent. “All demands should be included in the rating. The idea of giving control of one of our most valuable economic interests, Charlotte Region, is despicable, and reeks of political maneuvering.

  8. Jim matthews says:

    Pass the cancellation bill. No tolls.

  9. anthony goins says:

    No to toll road i77.
    Pass HB954.

  10. Kim Miller says:

    We don’t need tolls! Just spend the money to widen I-77

  11. A Mooresvile Resident says:

    Hey…..Widen I-77 could help make this a bit easier if the e-mail addresses could be copied as a list into a email address. Doing one by one just will not cut it.

    Or, could someone out there explain how to do it?

    Would be thankful for some insight. Thanks

  12. Jessica Francovig says:

    HB954… I-77 in Huntersville/Cornelius needs to be widen but WITHOUT the toll lanes!

  13. Teresa says:

    No toll roads in NC hb954

  14. Jacque Nichols says:

    Sent my emails asking to pass HB954!!!

  15. Karen Walker says:

    Please CANCEL the I-77 Toll roads! No tolls!

  16. Rich Schierer says:

    Please cancel the I-77 toll roads contract HB954 should be passed!

  17. Lars Ericson says:

    Please post a list of politicians who are against the toll lanes and a list who are for it?

    We need an anti-toll-lane “slate” so we know who to vote for in the coming election.

  18. Lars Ericson says:

    Here is a short list of state reps in favor of HB954:

    Rep John Bradford, Rep Charles Jester, Sen Tarte, Sen Curtis. All Republicans, so I guess in opposition to Republican McCrory. No Dems have replied, I sent the recommended email.

  19. Lars Ericson says:

    Here is a list of supporters, 21 Republicans and 7 Democrats:

  20. ROY A YOUNG says:

    No tolls! no tolls!! Worst highway project in the USA

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