Rally at the Bridge this Friday!

Yes, the toll lanes are under construction but the efforts to terminate the contract continue on multiple fronts.  The decision on Widen I-77’s lawsuit appeal is scheduled for next month. The contract is undergoing two independent reviews, and elected leaders everywhere realize tolls are a losing issue.

This Friday marks the third year we have come together as a community to demonstrate our opposition to 50 years or private toll lanes.

So come out and show your support!  The fight continues!

When: Friday, April 28th 

Where: Exit 28 bridge, Cornelius

Time: 5-6:30 (It’s okay to be late.)

What to wear: anti-toll t-shirts if you have them

Bring: Signs, placards and banner if you have them

Why: show your support for stopping 50 years of tolls… and meet some really cool people!

3 Responses to Rally at the Bridge this Friday!

  1. Derrick Bost says:

    I’ll be there, on my birthday at that. This has been an arduous fight for so many, but we are obviously making progress in halting this corruption. Let’s all come together again to deliver the final blows! Thank you WidenI77 for all your efforts!

  2. Duane Hackler says:

    If this road toll project is not completed where is the money coming from to pay for getting out of the project?
    My tax money being used to stop road construction that is needed bad going to Charlotte. The current I-77 will not handle the traffic and the state of NC has spent all of the Road Contstruction money on other things.
    What will happen if the project is stopped? Nothing good for the current future. More problems due to heavy volumn on the road into Charlotte.
    DOT needs to control traffic a little better in my opinion and let the project continue.
    The DOT has caused lots of the problem by letting folks drive 90-100 in a work zone.

  3. Derrick Bost says:

    Duane, what the citizens want is general purpose lanes that will reduce traffic congestion rather than facilitate it (like privately managed toll lanes do). With all the publicity and pressure from the public, they will find a way to fund it. Better to wait on NCDOT to figure that out than to wait in traffic for 50 years (the contract term) and pay hundreds of millions for penalties and default down the road. Not to mention the billions in revenue that would be funneled away from the local economy over 50 years. If you do your research, you will find that default and penalties are inevitable.

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