NC Supreme Court Declines WI77 Appeal

Marking the end of the legal effort to stop the I-77 toll project, last Friday the NC Supreme Court announced they have declined to hear our appeal.

We are obviously disappointed with this latest development and the results of our legal efforts.  The courts have consistently sent the message that the I77 toll issue is a political, not a judicial, issue.  Fortunately, political solutions remain open with the inclusion of our “complete and delete” option in the Mercator report. However, the only way this will become reality is through sustained public opposition to the project.

To those who wrote affidavits, contributed to our legal expenses and helped us fundraise, we offer our sincere gratitude. We hope you find some solace in the fact that we kept our promise to fight the legal battle as far as we could.

Widen I-77 will be meeting shortly to discuss the necessity of maintaining our 501(c)3 status vs continuing on as a different entity.

3 Responses to NC Supreme Court Declines WI77 Appeal

  1. Amp Misenheimer says:

    Thank you Kurt Naas and crew for your sustained legal efforts. Obviously our court system is as blind as their NCDOT counterparts. Hopefully the politicians will b e able to finally “see the light” and do something right for their constituents.

    Thanks again, Amp

  2. Rich Schierer says:

    We all applaud your diehard and stick to it attitude. So if our only recourse is political then ,”CRY HAVOC AND LET SLIP THE DOGS OF WAR”. Publish everyone’s contact information and start calling email and showing up at events. Since it is election season, everyone that is running that did not help when the people who voted them in asked for help should be voted out. And the people behind this are probably not even elected by anyone. DTS. Start today.

  3. J says:

    I am surprised there has not been a class action law suit against the State for allowing “price gouging”. It is against the law for businesses to do it but yet the State allows tolls for increase during certain times of the day. Furthermore, they can not seem to be able to manage it properly. I hear stories upon stories how people are overcharged and receive bills, never using the toll road. Something should and needs to be done!

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