WI77 Candidate Survey

Earlier this month, Widen I-77 emailed candidates a brief survey to educate voters on the candidates position regarding the I77 toll project.  Below are the results.  A couple of observations:

1) None of the NC North Mecklenburg candidates responded
2) One Iredell candidate (Vickie Sawyer) responded
3) About half of the Mecklenburg At-Large Commissioner candidates responded

You can see read their responses (and see who did not) by clicking on the links below.

NC Senate District 41 (North Meck)

Jeff Tarte (R) – no response
Natasha Marcus (D)- no response

NC Senate District 34 (Iredell/Yadkin)

Vicki Sawyer (R)  CandidateQuestionnaire Vickie Sawyer
AJ Daoud (R) – no response
William Howell (R) – no response
Robert Rucho (R) – no response

Lisaney Kong (D) – no response
Beniah McMiller (D) – no response
William Stinson – no response

NC House District 98 (North Meck)

John Bradford III (R) – no reponse

Christy Clark (D) – no response
Brandon Rosenlieb (D)  – no response

NC House District 92 (North Meck)

Chaz Beasley (D) – no response

Deborah Ware (R) – no response

Mecklenburg County At-Large Commissioner

Pat Cotham (D) CandidateQuestionnaire Pat Cotham
Gerenda Davis (D) CandidateQuestionnaire Gerenda Davis
Trevor Fuller (D) CandidateQuestionnaire Trevor Fuller
Jamie Hildreth (D) – no response
Tigress Sydney Acute McDaniel (D) CandidateQuestionnaire Tigress Sydney Acute McDaniel
Ray McKinnon – no response
Ella Scarborough – no response

Jeremy Brasch (R) – no response

Mecklenburg County District 1 Commissioner

Jim Puckett (R) – email response

Elaine Powell (D) – CandidateQuestionnaire Elaine Powell

Iredell County At-Large Commissioner

Marvin Norman (R) – no response
James Mallory (R) – no response
Scottie Brown (R) – no response
Gene Houpe (R) – no response



One Response to WI77 Candidate Survey

  1. Elizabeth says:

    There would seem to be a pervasive lack of interest or communication problem with the survey?

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