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New Penalty Estimate: Cintra’s Dream Scenario

Early last week, NCDOT released an analysis of the cancellation penalties. Unfortunately, the headlines have dutifully blared the cancellation penalty could be as high as $300M. Like so many other “independent analyses”, a look past the headline yields a different result. Consultant’s Independence Questionable The analysis was performed by Clary Consulting, headed by a Mr. Lowell

NCDOT’s Rebuttal

As required by the schedule set by the court, today NCDOT filed their brief in opposition to our motion for summary judgment. You can download it here: 15 CVS 1076 – State Defendants Response-Reply One thing that really caught our attention: Remember the “Toll Summit” that was held in Cornelius last month?  In order to

Just when you thought CRTPO was going to do the right thing….

When the Technical Coordinating Committee recommends a vote to CRTPO, it’s usually a fait accompli: perfunctory, box checking, zero drama. Usually, unless it has to do with I-77 tolls. Two weeks ago we reported CRTPO was poised to approve a project list at their next meeting. That list included a general purpose lane project, a

Toll Lane Thickness Half of GP Lanes

The I-77 toll lanes will be constructed with about half the thickness of standard general purpose lanes.  According to the contract between NCDOT and Cintra, the general purpose lanes are currently 32 inches thick, including an aggregate base course and a subgrade.  In contrast, the toll lanes will be 17 inches thick, with no subgrade.

Writing the intent of the law out of the contract

Let’s say you make $91K per year. You’ve just ticked over into the 28% income tax bracket and you’ve got to mail the IRS a hefty check. But all of a sudden the IRS does you a huge favor: they raise the tax bracket.  In fact, they raise it by a factor of a thousand. 

Widen I-77 Response to Cintra

Kurt Naas of Widen I-77 recently received a letter from Javier Tamargo, CEO of I-77 Mobility Partners, LLC accusing Widen I-77 of “false allegations.” A copy Tamargo’s letter is linked HERE and Widen I-77’s formal response is as follows: August 19, 2015 Dear Mr. Tamargo, We are in receipt of your August 11, 2015 letter. You have

Evidence that NCDOT swayed CRTPO Vote

In a series of emails obtained by Widen I77 it appears NCDOT timed a press release and worked behind the scenes to deliberately influence an important vote by the Charlotte Regional Transportation Planning Organization (CRTPO). The press release and follow up communications were calculated to make it seem as if financial close had already happened

How Cintra Makes Money

Editors note: the following has been sent to certain elected officials at the state level. It is based on publicly available information. I-77 Managed Lanes Project: North Carolina Liability & Developer Profit Summary If the I-77 managed lane project is built North Carolina taxpayers will pay $540 million in capital costs, operating subsidies and Developer

Carpoolers without transponder will be charged toll

For years now we’ve been told that one of the benefits of the I-77 toll lanes is they will encourage carpooling because vehicles with three or more occupants can use the lanes for free. NCDOT’s website proclaims: Speaking of free, there are several ways you can use the express lanes without spending a dime. The

I-77 Toll Operator Expects Revenues of $34M by 2020

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE email:   Cornelius, N.C. – May 6, 2015 –  Ratings agency DBRS disclosed a portion of  I-77 Mobility Partner’s revenue forecast in their pre-sale bond report of April 29, 2014. The report lists the expected toll revenues for the first three years as follows: 2018  $5.0 million (partial year) 2019  $24.6