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NCDOT Heading to TX to Investigate Latest Cintra Bankruptcy

NCDOT issued the following press release today: NCDOT Statement on SH 130 Tollway Bankruptcy in Texas Raleigh – “Late today, we were notified of the bankruptcy filing in Texas. The governor has directed us to immediately review every available option – both legal and financial – to reassess the I-77 Mobility Partner’s business model and current contract.

Mooresville Supports I-77 Tolls

UPDATE: David Coble, not Bobby Compton, put forth the motion we described below. We had the right email but wrong name.  Compton has been an anti-toll supporter.  Widen I-77 regrets the error.   We saw again tonight CRTPO is hopeless. Mooresville, however, has no excuse. The northern most community affected by the toll project, Mooresville

New Penalty Estimate: Cintra’s Dream Scenario

Early last week, NCDOT released an analysis of the cancellation penalties. Unfortunately, the headlines have dutifully blared the cancellation penalty could be as high as $300M. Like so many other “independent analyses”, a look past the headline yields a different result. Consultant’s Independence Questionable The analysis was performed by Clary Consulting, headed by a Mr. Lowell

UPDATE 1/7 Widen I-77 Files Motion to Stay

UPDATE: Judge Smith will hear our Motion to Stay as the first order of business tomorrow. PLEASE KEEP YOUR PLANS TO BE IN COURT TOMORROW. Same time and place. If the motion is denied, oral arguments will proceed as originally scheduled. Mecklenburg County Courthouse 832 East Fourth Street Charlotte, NC Courtroom 6170 10am, January 8,

Feds: Tell Us What You Think of CRTPO

At yesterday’s  toll summit the NCDOT repeated the Governor’s mantra: he won’t cancel the contract unless the Charlotte Regional Transportation Planning Organization (CRTPO) directs him to. Charlotte’s lone delegate counts for 46% of the CRTPO vote, so Charlotte decides on 50 years of tolls through Lake Norman…and Charlotte didn’t even bother to attend the meeting. Clearly, CRTPO is broken but they’ve

Just when you thought CRTPO was going to do the right thing….

When the Technical Coordinating Committee recommends a vote to CRTPO, it’s usually a fait accompli: perfunctory, box checking, zero drama. Usually, unless it has to do with I-77 tolls. Two weeks ago we reported CRTPO was poised to approve a project list at their next meeting. That list included a general purpose lane project, a

Plan B

Update: We received this from CRTPO Secretary Robert Cook: An article on your website entitled “Plan B” regarding the Charlotte Regional Transportation Planning Organization (CRTPO) contains incorrect information. The CRTPO does not have a draft 2017 Transportation Improvement Program (TIP) out for public comment. Feedback is being sought on projects to be submitted to the

No Surprise: CRTPO Approves Plan

Perhaps the biggest surprise last night was not Huntersville Commissioner Sarah McAulay voting “yes” for the Transportation Improvement Plan (TIP) that includes tolls, but that she made the motion to have it voted on in the first place. Prior to the vote, in a trembling and angry voice she read part of an email she

Evidence that NCDOT swayed CRTPO Vote

In a series of emails obtained by Widen I77 it appears NCDOT timed a press release and worked behind the scenes to deliberately influence an important vote by the Charlotte Regional Transportation Planning Organization (CRTPO). The press release and follow up communications were calculated to make it seem as if financial close had already happened

LKN Chamber: Cancel the Toll Contract

The Lake Norman Chamber of Commerce today released a resolution requesting “the planned 50 year toll contract for I-77 between NCDOT and I-77 Mobility Partners be terminated by NCDOT and the widening of I-77 with general purpose lanes begin as soon as reasonably possible.” A couple of weeks ago the CoC sent out a survey