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WI77 evaluates the candidates on the I77 toll issue

WI77 was formed in Fall 2012, and was the first formal opposition to the toll project.  Six years later, the toll issue remains as relevant and important as ever. We offer our unique, singularly qualified perspective on candidates’ efforts and stance on the toll issue.  We are a non-partisan organization, and therefore do not endorse

WI77 Town Hall Thurs July 20

For the first time in nearly a year and a half, Widen I77 will be hosting a town hall meeting. The purpose of the meeting is to debrief the preliminary report given by Mercator, the consultant hired by NCDOT to analyze exit options. Mercator will be giving their preliminary report on Wednesday, July 19 at

Friendly Fire

We’ve sent emails. We’ve made phone calls. What we forgot to do was watch our back. Yesterday Mayors John Woods and Chuck Travis met with Senator/Pres Pro Tem Phil Berger in Raleigh. And they shot us in the back. According to one attendee, the Mayors impressed upon Senator Berger the fact that those opposing the

A Message for Today

So a lot of people have been asking what’s up with the fight on I-77 tolls. If you’ve followed the news recently you know our cause has been put on hold because we are suddenly faced with an existential threat. Not since General Beauregard loosed his cannons on Ft Sumter has the South faced a

Why I oppose I-77 toll lanes: Nuclear safety

Today TollFreeNC and WidenI77 features Robert Ageenko, Commissioner Candidate for Cornelius. In the 1970s, I-77 was built as an evacuation route for the two nuclear stations in our region just as much as it was intended for a faster ride to and from Charlotte. For this reason, I have grave concerns about our safety when

A Mother’s Take on the Tolls

By Vallee Bubak Volunteer for TollFreeNC/WidenI77 Since December I and other moms have been working day and night to stop the I-77 tolls. These are not the pocket-change tolls of yesteryear. These are tolls operated by a private and most likely foreign corporation for 50 plus years that will cost drivers anywhere from $5 to

Brawley: P3s Tax the Public to Profit Govco

Today Representative Robert Brawley ( made the following post regarding the current push to privatize roads via public-private-partnerships (P3s): P3s Tax the Public to Profit Govco As an American and lifelong Republican, I am all for free markets and business success. What I do not stand for is propping up industries or companies that cannot

Response to “More Lanes For Me”

Date: Sun, 19 May 2013 22:53:40 -0400 From: Bruce A. Andersen In response to “Whoever pays to drive on I-77 means more lanes for me” (Lee Sullivan, Lake Norman Citizen). Allow me to use a simplistic (linear) illustration to show you the truth. We start with rush hour and the current 2 General Purpose lanes

State of the toll lanes

We’re at the six month point in our effort to widen I-77 with general purpose lanes and I thought it would be a good time to take stock. The Good When I wrote my open letter last Fall, I wondered if I was the only one opposed to toll lanes.  This project was cruising along

From Mooresville Tribune: OUR VIEW: Toll lanes aren’t the answer to I-77 woes

Posted: Monday, March 25, 2013 11:34 am OUR VIEW: Toll lanes aren’t the answer to I-77 woes An editorial of the Mooresville Tribune If highways in the greater Charlotte region had gotten the financial attention they deserved years ago from the State of North Carolina, we wouldn’t be in the mess we’re in now. Decades