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A Message for Today

So a lot of people have been asking what’s up with the fight on I-77 tolls. If you’ve followed the news recently you know our cause has been put on hold because we are suddenly faced with an existential threat. Not since General Beauregard loosed his cannons on Ft Sumter has the South faced a

Feds: CRTPO is A-OK

If a federal board reviewed the public input process of an organization that just ignored a thousand written public comments, do you think they would find any problems? Nah. That’s what just happened when the Federal Highway Authority (FHWA) reviewed the Charlotte Regional Transportation Planning Organization (CRTPO). According to federal law, every four years Metropolitan

Bastiat on P3 Tolls

Bastiat on Public-Private Partnerships Frederic Bastiat was a 19th Century French economist and philosopher. One of his most famous essays, That Which Is Seen, That Which Is Not Seen, discusses the long term implications of economic decisions. He uses the example of a hypothetical shopkeeper (“James”) whose front window has been broken by his careless

Applying Last Night’s Logic…

Most of our blog posts deal with information and news, but occasionally an opportunity for satire arises that I just can’t resist.  That opportunity presented itself last night when the NCDOT gave an update to the Cornelius town board on the I-77 tolling project. A good portion of the presentation was the same justifications for

P3 High School

All of our previous posts have been staid and fact-based.  But this analogy came to my attention and I could not resist resorting to satire. Today at the Chamber of Commerce meeting, we learned the advantages of HOT lanes: 1) The public-private partnership (P3) model makes use of private financing and therefore minimizes public investment.