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  1. Ram Sunkam says:

    Tons of people work in Charlotte metro region and live just outside of NC-SC boarder taking advantage of low taxes of SC and using NC infrastructure. Why don’t you guys fight to have toll collected from all who enter in to NC from SC in Charlotte metro region?. If you guys can’t initiate a fight, I will create a website soon and will keep ball rolling…

    • George Jones says:


      McCrory and Thom “Thollman” Tillis have plans to put $20 tolls on 77 all the way to the SC border. They just want to do one tax hike at a time so too many people do not fight them all at once. Smart but a very dirty way to screw over the working people in NC and SC.

    • Jim Bauman says:

      I sometimes think NC should have a “miles driven” tax, and no tax at the pump. Then, our gas would be CHEAPER than SC, so drivers that commute would fuel up here, paying sales tax at the pump (just not fuel tax). Then, NC would capitalize on these commuters.

  2. Nancy Kroh says:

    I am NOT a supporter of toll lanes on I-77. I don’t understand why this is even a discussion. There is never any congestion between I-85 and WT Harris northbound, and not much from WT Harris to I-85. I travel this every day. There is no need for a new lane or a toll lane. There is a need at Gilead and north (and vice versa). Why do the proponents think anyone will pay for this?

  3. doug russell says:

    we vote the politicians in we should be able to
    fire them for not doing there jobs as in the private

  4. ITR’s parent company, the Spanish-Australian consortium Cintra-Macquarie, paid Indiana $3.8 billion in 2006 for a 75-year lease of the highway. T

    While Governor, in 2006, his administration leased the Indiana Toll Road, a 160 mile or so stretch of road from Chicago to the Ohio border for $3.8 Billion dollars to a Spanish investment firm– for 75 years. this company promptly went bankrupt, and the toll road has been in disrepair for years.

    YOU read that right– a toll road which just a few years ago sold for $3.8 BILLION dollars, was just snapped up at the bargain basement price of $5.73 Million dollars.
    Now, I think it’s fair to ask, why did the state of Indiana not simply revoke the lease for non performance and assume control of the toll road, which was run fairly well for decades?

    Because: privatization. “Leaders” like Our Man Mitch and the current stumbling, bumbling Governor of Indiana Mike Pence– insist that Privatization of services is THE best way to go– and by gum, they are going to prove it, even if it takes GIVING AWAY the Indiana Toll Road to a company– hopefully guaranteeing this company will make a huge profit, thus “proving” Privatization works.

    LOL this is the same Spanish bandidos that we just signed on to.. just a different wrapper.

    it look like the contract blocks out any chance if 16 to hickory ever getting completed with the non-competing routes clause . the guaranteed 45 mile per hours is hilarious.. the toll fee are locked only for 90 days after completion of the project then its what ever the market will bear. all the contract details are in the Fitch report,link below. it is uses to attract investors to the bonds much like a Corporate Initial offering prospectus. be sure to read it

    Read more :–2015-05-20

    I-77 toll road is trading on wallstreet if you happen to be a republican insider wanting to trade (tillis friends and relatives maybe?)… graft and corruption thrives in the GOP

  5. If you complete the last leg of hwy 16 from Denver NC to Hickory NC and co to connect to 312 I-40 about 20 or thirty miles left. you would get a alt freeway route to the Asheville I-40 junction and widen from Denver hwy 150 to mooresville nc you will cut the traffic congestion in half with a Charlotte to Asheville alt route that cuts trip time down by 1 hr

    that toll road is going to kill growth in western north Carolina for the next 50 years while they try to force traffic to use it

    the report Fitch report says that they expect to lose money for about the first decade …

  6. Dave Mudge says:

    How much did the new and improved I40 I77 interchange cost? Did we really need this new multi-million dollar interchange before new lanes south of I77 exit 36? Who is prioritizing these projects?

    • Ronald L says:

      What about the 5 lane road in Salisbury. Took 15yrs to complete and for what, the larger than Charlotte population.

  7. Danny Stewart says:

    My Second Attempt to a Reply:
    I asked previously for an explanation to an article published Aug. 20 (No Surprise CRTPO approves plan) in reference to Town Commissioner of Mooresville Eddie Dingler voting yes on the I-77 Widening. I sent him an angry email due to the article posted and received a reply that concerns me that he deserves an apology from me, but wanted your input first due to how the article read. Please read my comments that I responded to … one with his reply.

    Aside from this request. Thank You for being a leader.

    danny stewart

  8. Douglas Richards says:

    Stop feeding the animal. BOYCOTT Charlotte. STOP attending major sports events, concerts, parades, government paid events, etc., until they decide to stop this insane program.
    Best not to get on the suicide highway anyway.
    That one trip may cost you and your loved ones a life of misery after a severe accident, or even worse, your last trip anywhere on this planet. Think before you drive on I-77. Is it all really worth the chance?

  9. KMG says:

    Take a look at I-35 in Austin, TX. They have an Upper Level to bypass exits. There is ample room between the existing lanes of I-77 to build such a bypass.

    The “Tree huggers” will have to give up a few but the Planet will survive.

    Put minimal Exit and Entrance Ramps at the existing locations to Enter going South and Exit going North!

    We All know this is nothing but ANOTHER TAX under a different name.

    If You need Me to explain further I will do so.


    Thank You,

    K.M. Gramkow

  10. George McKee says:

    I am incensed with McCrory and Charlotte Planning for the I77 toll road. I would like to join or help create an action group to:
    1. Defeat McCrory
    2. Pursue creating a new county composing of lake Norman communities and getting out of Mecklenburg. Do you have any interest

  11. Stephen says:

    On Wed. 03-01-2016 I received lititure from Charles Jeter informing me of his run for the NC House of Representatives. Chareles Jetter was for the tolls at the beginning, but changed his tune when so many people voiced their dissatisfaction over the issue. Take Charles Jeter and throw him out with the evening trash like Huntersville did Swan and McCalloughy! People it is now pay back time for all these people who supported the toll roads. Make it so Charles Jeter has to travel to Charlotte for work on the toll roads he supported!!!!!


  12. lucinda m heavlin says:

    Mr. Knass has pointed out that Cintra, a subsidary of I-77 Mobility Partners LLC will possibly be collecting a fee unlawfully according to the North Carolina constitution, it may be possible to pursue a class action suit by N.C. taxpayers against the I-77 Toll Rd. contract. If their has been deception perpetrated by any of the parties involved, individual and/or corporations, legal action absolutely must be taken to terminate the contract between NCDOT and Cintra, I-77 Mobility Partners LLC.
    If any deception was perpetrated by any individual, association and/or corporations in prior negoations and final contract between NCDOT Cintra and Mobility Partners LLC will make it possible for our state to terminate the contract without any money being owed for termination of the contract. In fact, individuals or businesses who have been harmed by the work all ready done on the Toll Rd, could sue for damages.

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